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The legal industry is changing but to what, for whom, where, why and how? Join us each month to learn about the next best practices in legal practice and how it applies to your firm or organisation. Learn from the people who are “walking the talk.” Hear what they are doing and what has driven them to do things differently for their clients, their people, their organisations and themselves and, how they measure and learn from success and failure. We’re going to get candid, super practical and yes, we’re going to get legally innovative too!

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Dec 14, 2020

In our evolving legal ecosystem, who should be regulated, by whom, how and why? These are critical and pivotal questions being considered and addressed (or not addressed) by legal regulators around the world right now?

They are complex questions. The answers to them will almost certainly be different in different...

Dec 14, 2020

As Helen Mackay, Director at Juno Legal discusses in this podcast, Juno was established from the get go with a different legal business model. Juno is a hybrid law firm and on-demand legal services business. The team comprises 21 experienced in-house lawyers and two legal professionals who serve a range of large...