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Jun 21, 2022

The oneNDA initiative has changed the way legal documents are created and used. It’s also signalled an evolving change in the way lawyers and allied legal professionals work too – one where tech features as prominently as design, client experience, and collaboration. These are big statements, but so too is what serial legalpreneur and change maker Electra Japonas has achieved in the last 18 months! 

In this podcast, in the Future 50 Series of the CLI Legalpreneurs Spotlight, we chatted with Electra about her experience working in Europe and the UK and in her own strategic legal operations and design consultancy, The Law Boutique, that led to OneNDA (a standardised Non-Disclosure Agreement), Claustack (an online collaborative space for lawyers) and most recently oneDPA (a standardised Data Processing Agreement). 

The oneNDA initiative started as a conversation with a colleague, turned into a question posed to the legal community on LinkedIn, and resulted in an open source, standard-form Non-Disclosure Agreement created by the legal community, for the legal and business communities. It was the beginning of much more that quickly followed and even more still to come!

If you would prefer to watch rather than listen to this podcast, you’ll find the video here.

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In the Future 50 Series we’re chatting with legalpreneurs who, through their ideas and actions, are challenging and transforming legal BAU all around the world. 

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