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The legal industry is changing but to what, for whom, where, why and how? Join us each month to learn about the next best practices in legal practice and how it applies to your firm or organisation. Learn from the people who are “walking the talk.” Hear what they are doing and what has driven them to do things differently for their clients, their people, their organisations and themselves and, how they measure and learn from success and failure. We’re going to get candid, super practical and yes, we’re going to get legally innovative too!

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Jul 29, 2022

Metrics have always been a critical part of business. The Legal Metrics Portal (LMP) has made them an accessible and essential part of LEGAL business. LMP is the product of a 2-year labour of love and global collaboration of leading legal ops enthusiasts and specialists: Connie Brenton, VP of Law, Technology and Operations at NetAppMick Sheehy, Partner, NewLaw, PwC AustraliaJeff Franke, CEO of LegalOps.comPratik Patel, Head of Innovation at Elevate; and J. Deckert, VP of Operations at Is Inspired.

In this podcast, we spoke with two of the LMP founders and gurus, Connie Brenton and Mick Sheehy, to explore just what an amazing contribution the LMP promises to be and, given the brains trust and firepower behind it, what it will no doubt achieve – a form of crowd-sourced business intelligence!

LMP has been designed for use and, is user-friendly for legal ops and a whole bunch of legal practice areas too! You might be new to legal metrics or an experienced professional, no matter where you lie on that continuum, you’ll find guidance about how to make the most of this resource and, undoubtedly, something you can use along the way.

The 500 metrics are categorised, assigned levels of importance and, you can customise them and add your own metrics too!  You’ll find the website here - go visit it, you won’t be disappointed!

If you would prefer to watch rather than listen to this podcast, you’ll find the video here.

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