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The legal industry is changing but to what, for whom, where, why and how? Join us each month to learn about the next best practices in legal practice and how it applies to your firm or organisation. Learn from the people who are “walking the talk.” Hear what they are doing and what has driven them to do things differently for their clients, their people, their organisations and themselves and, how they measure and learn from success and failure. We’re going to get candid, super practical and yes, we’re going to get legally innovative too!

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Apr 7, 2020

In the fourth podcast in this collection focusing on providing practical support and assistance for those working in the legal ecosystem during this time of extreme change, we spoke with John Poulsen, Principal at People Passion Performance on Mental Health and Well-being in the New Legal Work Place.

There’s a lot of stress and anxiety in the legal community right now, and there’s lots of very good reasons for it so, we wanted to devote this podcast to providing some thoughts and advice on how we might find some calm in the storm, a place from which we can make good decisions, give good advice, and be the best we can for all the people in our lives.

Before establishing his own consultancy, John spent many years in law firms and most recently as the Austral Managing Partner and CEO of Squire Patton Boggs. He has a deep understanding of lawyers, legal professionals, legal practice and, just like all of us, is living through the COVID-19 pandemic right now. We could not think of anyone better qualified to chat with us about this hugely important topic.

Thank you so much, John – we love your passion for people and their mental health, well-being and…performance!

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