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Aug 13, 2019

VR has been around for a while so how is it faring in the face of so much new legaltech and AI in the market? We spoke with Matthew Stubenberg, the  Associate Director of Legal Technology – A2J Lab, Harvard Law School, about the emerging use of virtual reality in law, legal education, pro bono work and improving access to justice.  Matthew has had an amazing career and is in a role that now combines his skills and passion for the law, legaltech, the not for profit sector, and access to justice.

Topics covered in our conversation included:

  1. How to define VR – there are a lot of definitions out there!
  2. Where VR is being used/emerging in legal education, performance feedback, litigation (jury trials), pro bono work and capturing the experience of senior lawyers
  3. How VR relates, if at all, to the discussion on whether or not lawyers should learn to code
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of VR itself and VR versus video
  5. How to get a VR project off the ground – where to start, cost, how best to progress it
  6. And finally, whether or not there is a new type of “virtual” law firm on the horizon, if so, what it might look like and who it will serve.

Thank you so much Matthew  – we applaud your work with the A2J Lab and can’t wait to chat with you again, virtually!