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Sep 30, 2020

The world of legal internships has changed. Legal work experience is being redefined, literally right before our eyes! The good news is, there are more opportunities to gain that all important pre-first job experience, gain insights into what a legal career might look like, and identify and try out other roles and opportunities that might interest you too. The challenge is not expecting that to happen the way it used to – in person and in an office - because if legal services are being delivered from a lawyer’s home and virtually, it stands to reason that at least some of your work experience needs to be focused that way too. 

In this podcast on The New Legal Intern Terri Mottershead, Executive Director, Centre for Legal Innovation (Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific), was joined by an international panel of leaders and doers in the law student work experience and legal education space from Australia and the USA to talk about this and lots more:

Topics discussed included:

  • The objectives of internship programs
  • The evolving world of virtual internships
  • The changing role of work experience and the relevance of internships in this space
  • The opportunities for collaboration between legal educators and industry through internships

Sandee, Sam, Tom and Sam – thanks so much for sharing your experience and providing a glimpse into the new world of legal internships and legal education – so exciting!

If you would prefer to watch this session rather than listen, you'll find the link to the video on the CLI-Collaborate (CLIC) FREE Resource Centre here.