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Aug 12, 2021

Legal education is being redefined in just about every place it’s happening and its moving VERY fast in the on demand space.

The catalysts are many and varied – they range from wanting legal education like we want everything else – on our phone, anytime and anywhere – to new, innovative, and more convenient ways for clients to comply, and report on their compliance with, regulation based education mandates.

It’s this piece – legal education providers working, collaborating and delivering differently in the on demand space – that we focus on in this podcast with our guest Steve Gluckman, CEO and Founder of Skillburst Interactive. Steve’s deep history in legal education and his ground breaking work in the on demand learning space provided a rich history, reality check, case studies and the opportunity to discuss where on demand learning might go next in the legal industry.

Topics we discussed included:

  • What on demand learning is (and isn’t)
  • How the on demand learning space has changed…a lot!
  • How the pandemic has impacted and accelerated on demand learning
  • Where the legal industry is placed compared with other industries in this space
  • How the role of on demand learning is being reimagined inside and outside law firms
  • How new ways to learn have turned into new revenue streams for law firms
  • The role of law firms as alternative legal education providers
  • How on demand learning is being used in education related industry compliance
  • How this space will continue to change over the next few years

Steve, thanks so much for continuing to redefine and shape the future of on demand learning – amazing!