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Jun 21, 2022

In this podcast in the Future 50 Series of the CLI Legalpreneurs Spotlight, we chatted with Lisa Fitzgerald about Splitchain – a word she has created that provides a new way to conceptualise and integrate digital products/services and the law. The integration is important. Blockchain does not have all the answers. The law doesn’t have them either. There’s a need for interdependence. There’s also a need for multi-disciplinary solutions. And, lawyers need to be part of all these conversations – part of the solutions and not the obstacle to achieving them! Splitchain-ists are real and thriving. Their practical, solution-driven collaborations are reshaping the legal ecosystem in places like Lander & Rogers iHub. We chatted with Lisa about all this and a whole lot more.

Lisa’s had an amazing career in the legal world in the UK and Australia, as a judge’s associate, in-house counsel, lawyer in private practice, and now as a Partner at Lander & Rogers. A common theme has run through much of Lisa’s career – a focus on corporate/commercial, tech, data, IP, privacy, cyber, telecommunications, innovation – it’s provided a deep understanding of the issues, the gaps, the solutions, and a global context for her work in the digital space.  

You might also like to read this article from Lisa on the Lander & Rogers website titled: Splitchain: Reconciling blockchain and the law. If you would like to learn more about Lander & Roger’s iHub, you’ll find it on their website here.

If you would prefer to watch rather than listen to this podcast, you’ll find the video here.

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