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The legal industry is changing but to what, for whom, where, why and how? Join us each month to learn about the next best practices in legal practice and how it applies to your firm or organisation. Learn from the people who are “walking the talk.” Hear what they are doing and what has driven them to do things differently for their clients, their people, their organisations and themselves and, how they measure and learn from success and failure. We’re going to get candid, super practical and yes, we’re going to get legally innovative too!

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Oct 19, 2020

We have launched our new series: ReinventED Legal Business: The Case Studies to showcase legal businesses - law firms, in-house legal departments, ALSPs, Community Legal Centres, Legal Consultancies, Legal Incubators and Accelerators – that have reimagined, repurposed, or reinvented legal business and tell their stories. These legal businesses are not just part of, but are creating a new legal ecosystem with the aspiration, and as these are case studies, the proof of concept, that what they do and how they do it is less about “new” and more about a different “business as usual.”

Law Squared is one of these businesses! It’s an innovative NewLaw firm that has challenged the status quo of the traditional law firm model. Founded in 2016 by Demetrio Zema, Law Squared has pursued its vision to make good businesses great and great businesses better, by working with their clients in a clear, transparent and engaging manner.

Law Squared has consistently pursued its aims to break down the barriers traditional legal service providers have created, by being clear communicators, listening to their client’s needs, being efficient, and always transparent on costs.

Law Squared has proactively approached its delivery of legal services across four practice areas; commercial, corporate, employment and litigation, and, that's led to Law Squared becoming one of the leading NewLaw firms among enterprises and corporates across Australia.

Thanks so much for sharing the amazing Law Squared journey, Demetrio – you’ve not only built the path but, you’re lighting the way for us all too – amazing!

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