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The legal industry is changing but to what, for whom, where, why and how? Join us each month to learn about the next best practices in legal practice and how it applies to your firm or organisation. Learn from the people who are “walking the talk.” Hear what they are doing and what has driven them to do things differently for their clients, their people, their organisations and themselves and, how they measure and learn from success and failure. We’re going to get candid, super practical and yes, we’re going to get legally innovative too!

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Nov 27, 2019

The opportunity and challenge of legaltech/lawtech and legal innovation is that they are borderless! Collaborations, experience sharing and networks in this space are increasingly global but, that can also make keeping up to date even more difficult. In this episode, we’re joined by Nick Watson, a serial legalpreneur, who is the Managing Director of Ruby Datum Virtual Data Rooms and the founder of the LawTech London group. Nick is based in London and spent time chatting with us about the UK lawtech and innovation scene as well as what lies ahead in 2020.

The topics covered in our conversation included:

  1. The difference between lawtech/legaltech and the definition of innovation
  2. The hot topics in lawtech and legal innovation in the UK today
  3. Where the UK rates on a scale of 1-5 (1 being little or none and 5 being we’re all over it) in the take up of lawtech and innovation
  4. The drivers and obstacles in that take up and, if there are any discernible differences between law firms/in-house legal departments and/or where lawyers work
  5. Where lawyers go to learn about lawtech and legal innovation in the UK
  6. How Australia and the UK compare in the lawtech/legal innovation worlds
  7. And finally, the one big thing we should watch for in lawtech/legal innovation coming out of the UK in 2020.

Thanks so much for visiting with us, Nick – please come back to Oz soon!